PTC/Rent Rebate

Beginning in February of each year, PC Cafe & Resource Center will help fill out the paper work for you to send to the Missouri Department of Revenue.  The information required is documentation of the previous year's income and proof of paid property tax or a form/letter from your landlord documenting the rent paid for the previous year.  (You may contact us for a form for your landlord to fill out).

Click here to see the Property Tax Credit Qualification Chart

The Missouri Property Tax Credit Claim (MO-PTC) also known as “Circuit Breaker,” allows persons who are at least 65 years of age, as well as 100 percent disabled individuals, to apply for a credit based on the real estate taxes or rent they paid for the year.

The maximum credit is $750 for renters and $1,100 for owners who owned and occupied their home the entire year. The actual credit is based on the amount of real estate taxes or rent paid and the total household income (taxable and nontaxable.)  A 100 percent service-connected disabled veteran does not include VA payments.

To be eligible to apply, a single person who is renting must have an income of $27,500 or less; or $29,500 or less for married persons filing combined.  For qualifying homeowners, a single person’s income must be $30,000 or less; for married persons filing combined, total household income must be $34,000 or less. 

From January 1 through April 2021, persons can apply for credit from 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017.  After April 15, you can no longer apply for credit for 2017.

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call Brenda or Mary at 660-947-3643.

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This program is funded, in part, by The Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended, USDA, and Missouri General Revenue and Department of Health and Senior Services, Division of Senior and Disability Services and a contract with the Northwest Missouri Area Agency on Aging, Inc.